Hiatus – The End?

It’s been an unbelievably long time since I wrote or did anything. A lot of things happened in my life lately which kept me away from blogging but my desire to make a game just got bigger.

As most of you noticed, I focused a lot on the libgdx library and even that went through a lot of changes. It recently hit version 1.0 which is amazing news, so go get it while it’s hot. This also means more stability, consistency and the things that are written for it are likely to stay the same and not change. My libgdx related entries need a good refresh and I am pondering if is it worth the effort or I should just migrate everything to the latest version and carry on with Star Assault editing the existing posts with a reference to the new setup and changes.

I have also started working on a hobby project which happens to be a game. I hope I will be able to reveal more information about it soon. I have also started another side project using libgdx with hopes to commercialise it at some point and that will require even more time (which I have none) and effort. Once I am happy with the general idea and I think it is worth it, I might need someone to help me out with it, so this could be a great opportunity for someone interested in libgdx and/or game art and UX to join in.

What’s next?

My plan is to explore libgdx more, put some weight behind the projects I am working on while sharing tidbits of useful techniques and information that I discover along the way. Some may be old news and obvious, some may be not but if I think it might be beneficial and worth the time to write it up, I will do my best to do so. I emphasise that I don’t know many things yet but I research them and by trying to explain them, I will also learn and maybe some can benefit from them as well.

I will also try to be more active in the community, especially the libgdx one so whenever there is a technical question related to the projects using libgdx, I will try to answer them in the libgdx forum so the good folks over there would also benefit from it.

I must stay that I loved the Star Assault journey because it thought me so much. I will continue that in the usual format, but I will try to scale it down a bit. I will also share some other bits of information from my other projects, which are not always very exciting but I do think that some could be very useful making different parts of a game.

Unfortunately I had to disable comments, because of the sheer amount of spam coming from bots. It had nothing to do with the real comments I was getting, it was just too overwhelming and given that I was entering a period with a very busy schedule, I just had to avoid that. I will revisit WordPress and will upgrade the relevant plugins or add new ones as necessary to make commenting much easier.
I always loved to hear about anything you guys had to say (good or bad) and I was reachable via email and I tried to reply to all messages. I apologise if I didn’t manage to reply to all yet.

If you are interested in learning about making games and libgdx in particular then stick around and listen :)

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