Beginning Android Games – Book

From the many books on Android and Game Development, I can recommend this one wholeheartedly. This book provides an extremely good explanation of the game architecture and the process of game development. It is written by Mario Zechner who is also the creator of the libgdx game development framework.

You will learn a lot of things, amongst which:

  • How to set up and use the development tools for developing your first Android application
  • The fundamentals of game programming in the context of the Android platform
  • How to use the Android’s APIs for graphics (Canvas, OpenGL ES 1.0/1.1), audio, and user input to reflect those fundamentals
  • How to develop two 2D games from scratch, based on the Canvas API and OpenGL ES.
  • How to create a full-featured 3D game
  • How to publish your games, get crash reports, and support your users
  • How to complete your own playable 2D OpenGL games

It basically covers everything I am trying to do on this blog, and it is complete.
Every introduced notion has a little theory and you will understand them. It also provides lots of examples and by the end of the book you have written 3 games and a great framework which you could use for your next games.

A very good purchase indeed. I highly recommend it.

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  1. fizziz says:

    really helpful recommendation.a must have book for all wanna be game developer. txz man……..have fun coding..

  2. Joe Nye says:

    Bought the book last week, has been tremendously helpful! Thanks for the advice.

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