About Me

Updated Mar 2019

This is my personal website where I post on an irregular basis about software development, mainly game development. I created this web-site to be a place for me to come and relax while coding and learning freely without the latest, shiny, trendy and blindly adopted process / framework / methodology / etc getting in my way.

When I was younger I loved games. Because of this I ended up as a software developer thinking that I will build a few great games and become filthy rich. Oh how wrong I was.

I decided to start this experiment to motivate myself and hopefully others with similar interests to start doing something I love: make computer games and most importantly, make them on my terms.

When I started the website in 2010, I didn’t know much about game development, although I've been employed as a programmer for more than a decade. I decided to start learning game development by researching, and documenting the steps I was taking. The mobile platform, especially Android seemed the most accessible so I started learning that.

Since then, I have worked at a couple of game studios and consulted in a few smaller game projects, and I must say I have learnt a LOT and met some truly great people.

I sign the posts and code as Impaler. Why the name Impaler? Originally I am from Transylvania (yes, it's real) and there was a certain chap around in the middle ages, who liked spikes a lot, and I was fascinated by all the stories I was fed in school about him. It was also the name I was using on many game servers and using it makes me feel a teenager again.

The word obviam means against in Latin. Why against? Because I am against all corporate crap and I am against the thought that work can’t be fun and I am doing this experiment against many odds. If I'd known better in my youth, I would've kept programming as a hobby and did something else for a living.

I usually work on these things after I'm done with the drudgery for The Man and if I have any energy left. So the content will vary and I won't commit myself to any deadlines or deliverables. The only effort I will make is to keep it fun.

To contact me use email to impaler (at) this domain dot net or twitter.